License and Registration Help...

I can't get this to work...

I can't find my...

Something happened that I didn't expect...

License and Registration Help...

Where do I enter my license key?

We have detailed information about registering here.

I lost my license key, how do I get it re-sent to me?

Please click here if you need to have your license information re-sent to you or to change your email address.

What if the registration button doesn't turn blue?

Please make sure you are running the latest version of Senuti, version 1.3.3. If the register button is still disabled after updating it typically means there is a typo in the information entered. Ensure that both your owner name and license key match exactly (we recommend copy and paste), and that there are no extra spaces in your name.

I can't get this to work...

I downloaded Senuti but it won't launch

If you experience difficulty launching Senuti, please submit a support request to our team.

Dragging and dropping songs to iTunes doesn't work

In order to use the drag and drop capabilities of Senuti, you must drag and drop to the iTunes item that is within Senuti's source list. Dragging and dropping to the iTunes application is not supported. For assistance, please review our Drag and Drop support page.

I can't find my...

License key

Please click here if you need to have your license information re-sent to you or to change your email address.

Purchases made from the iTunes Store

Senuti is not intended for and does not support transfer of music purchased directly through iTunes on your device because this functionality is already provided by Apple in iTunes. You can transfer your purchases in iTunes easily. First start by plugging in your device. Then while in iTunes, please go to the "File" Menu and you will see an option to "Transfer Purchases from iPod/iPhone." Click on that and all your iTunes store purchases will be transferred.

Ratings, Play Counts etc..

Ratings, play counts, etc. are called metadata and to recover them you just turn this preference on in Senuti.

Under Preferences in Senuti, click on the Advanced Tab. Click on the iTunes section and then check all of the Metadata on the right you wish to recover.

Now when you transfer your music, Senuti will not duplicate any songs that are already in iTunes, but it will transfer over the data you selected.

Something happened that I didn't expect...

My songs appear and then disappear when I plug in my device

If your songs appear and then disappear when you plug in your device, you may want to try enabling disk use. The steps to enable disk use on your device are as follows:

  1. Launch iTunes with your iPod disconnected
  2. Hold down the Command (Apple) and Option keys (this disables auto-sync)
  3. Continue to hold the keys down as you plug in your iPod After your iPod appears in iTunes, you can release the keys
  4. Click on your iPod in iTunes
  5. Under the Summary tab choose Enable disk use
  6. Click Apply and you're all set up!

My songs appear and then disappear when iTunes opens

If your device content appears and disappears once iTunes opens, please quit out of Senuti. With your device still plugged in, please then re-launch Senuti. If you continue to experience difficulty, please submit a support request to our team.

My songs don't end up in iTunes after I click the Transfer button

In order for your songs to be added to iTunes, you must first enable this as a copying preference within Senuti. Otherwise, your songs will be added to the default folder location specified in the copying preferences. If you have not edited this folder location, then your music was transferred to ~/Music/iTunes Music/ (where ~ is your home folder). If you are not sure if this preference was edited, go to the Senuti menu and click on Preferences → Copying and find the "Default Folder Location".

Since you already transferred the music to your computer, you can open the Finder and locate the default folder (as described above). Then simply drag and drop the folder into iTunes. This will add the songs to iTunes without re-copying the music.

In the future you can have Senuti add the songs directly to iTunes by following the instructions here.

My music copied, but iTunes says it's not authorized

If you use Senuti to transfer music purchased through iTunes, to a computer with a different iTunes account than that on which the music was originally purchased, iTunes will require you to authorize the songs. This means that the iTunes account to which the music was transferred must have access to the account information of the original purchaser. This is unrelated to Senuti and is solely due to copyright management rules within iTunes. For further information, please contact Apple Support.

Senuti is intended to be used for recovery of legal music and FadingRed does not endorse illegal music sharing.

Senuti doesn't copy certain songs to iTunes

There is a chance that they were still copied to your computer. Check to see if they were, and if so you can add them to iTunes manually. Please also submit a problem report request with all of the information that you can. Include song titles, genre, album, etc.

What do I do if Senuti keeps freezing/quitting after I copy songs

Please submit a problem report request with the proper information.

All of the songs that I copied with Senuti are skipping

Senuti does not have access to modify or corrupt the files that it transfers. This issue is typically caused by a problem with the hardware in use, or a bad Firewire or USB cord, but is not related to the software.

I used Senuti and now all of my music is gone

Usually when this happens, it is because your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad was set up to sync with iTunes, and when iTunes asked, you said Yes that it was okay to sync, when you should have said No (the default option). This process is controlled by iTunes, and is independent of Senuti. Our Getting Started instructions have information about preparing your device which also instructs you to click No at this step.

Can I get my music back now that it's been erased from my iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad

Unfortunately, no. You should begin re-ripping your CD collection. If you purchased music from the iTunes Music Store, we recommend you contact Apple support.