Version 1.3.5

  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.3.4

  • Compatibility updates for macOS 10.12 Sierra
  • Fixed a bug preventing prompt for playlist transfer
  • Improved setup assistant instructions

Version 1.3.3

  • Fixed progress display
  • Fixed issues transferring metadata
  • Fixed issue with hiding songs in iTunes
  • Fixed a rare crash

Version 1.3.2

  • Fixed issues registering on Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7
  • Other minor bug fixes

Version 1.3.1

  • Fixed a crash that would occur for new users
  • Fixed a crash when transferring to iTunes on Mac OS X 10.6

Version 1.3

  • Bug fixes and other improvements
  • Improved comparability with Mac OS X 10.9.4
  • Improved connection stability with iOS devices
  • Dropped support for PPC on Mac OS X 10.5

Version 1.2.9

  • Fixed an issue with iPods not remaining visible on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
  • Fixed a rare display issue
  • Improved transfer speed
  • Improved transfer progress display
  • Improved error reporting for unrecognized devices

Version 1.2.8

  • Fixed issues recognizing some devices on OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
  • Fixed a crash when updating from an earlier version
  • Fixed a rare crash while copying

Version 1.2.7

  • Fixed a rare crash while adding items to iTunes

Version 1.2.6

  • Fixed a rare crash while adding items to iTunes

Version 1.2.5

  • Fixed rare crashes when copying songs
  • Fixed issues copying some songs with long titles
  • Fixed issues preventing the loading of certain devices
  • Fixed issues displaying similar library items
  • Fixed an issue causing song previews to overlap
  • Fixed problem with duplicate error messages

Version 1.2.4

  • Improved compatibility with iTunes
  • Fixed problems copying on certain versions of Snow Leopard
  • Fixed problems adding ringtones to iTunes
  • Fixed a problem that prevented Senuti from prompting for a copy location
  • Fixed a rare crash when unplugging an iOS device
  • Fixed rare crashes while copying
  • Fixed rare crashes during auto-update
  • Fixed rare copying issues when songs had the same titles
  • Fixed issues when using the preferences to skip songs
  • Fixed issues with song progress not displaying
  • Fixed permissions on copied eBooks

Version 1.2.3

  • Improved handling of books
  • Improved error handling

Version 1.2.2

  • Fixed a bug when copying songs with similar metadata
  • Fixed a crash when copying a large number of files

Version 1.2.1

  • Fixed a crash when quitting
  • Fixed a problem preventing certain files from copying on OS X 10.5
  • Fixed a rare crash when unplugging an iOS device

Version 1.2

  • Improved support for iOS devices
  • Improved copying of large files
  • Improved progress window to show time remaining
  • Improved performance and transfer speeds
  • Fixed bugs affecting 64 bit kernel users
  • No longer requires MacFUSE for iOS devices
  • No longer requires disk use to be enabled for Classic iPods
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later

Version 1.1.8

  • Updated EULA
  • Fixed bug that led to "unable to copy song" error
  • Changed default value for organizing of copied files

Version 1.1.7

  • Added support for iPod Nano (5th generation)
  • Added support for iPod Classic (Late 2009)

Version 1.1.6

  • Fixed a bug for users who are updating and previously used lowercase letters in their registration key

Version 1.1.5

  • Fixed crash on launch that occurred for some 64-bit users
  • Fixed a crash in the preferences for 10.4 users
  • Fixed a crash when installing iPhone additions for 10.4 users

Version 1.1.4

  • Fixed a crash on launch introduced in 1.1.3

Version 1.1.3

  • Improved compatibility with iTunes 9
  • Fixed crash for broken MacFUSE install
  • Enhancements to registration system
  • Improved feedback for songs that fail to copy
  • Fixed crash when canceling copy location selection
  • Added hidden preference to disable disk space check
  • Converted to 32/64 bit universal

Version 1.1.2

  • Fixed crash on unexpected disconnect of iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Fixed bug for users with older versions of MacFuse installed
  • Fixed rare crash when iTunes library could not be located
  • Fixed issues adding songs to iTunes 6.x
  • Fixed minor bugs in display

Version 1.1

  • Added iPhone OS 3.0 Support
  • Added ability to preview songs from iPhone
  • Added warning when device cannot eject
  • Added multiple playlist transfer
  • Fixed bug in time display
  • Improved support for lengthy song titles
  • Implemented new End User License Agreement
  • Updated libraries
  • Fixed "Unable to copy song" error
  • Fixed bug with View menu
  • Fixed bug with ejecting iPhone
  • Fixed memory leaks

Version 0.50.9

  • Fixed a crash when accessing the advanced preferences

Version 0.50.8

  • Fixed a problem with recognizing iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Fixed launch problems for PPC G3 users
  • Updated libraries

Version 0.50.7

  • Added automatic registration capabilities
  • Improved registration handling
  • Improved iPhone support
  • Added stop transfer button
  • Added warning when iTunes library not found
  • Fixed bug when adding to iTunes
  • Added sound for copy completion
  • Updated preferences icon
  • Fixed rare crashes

Version 0.50.6

  • Removed an outdated resource file in the application package

Version 0.50.5

  • Fixed issues for PPC users
  • Fixed a common crash while transferring songs on OS X 10.4

Version 0.50.4

  • Fixed a crash affecting all OS X 10.4 users
  • FIxed another minor crash

Version 0.50.3

  • Senuti now has a trial period limitation of 30 days
  • Added 1000 song transfer limit
  • A full version will cost $18

Additional Information:

  • Updated references to point to the new FadingRed site
  • Fixed many issues that would cause Senuti to crash
  • Fixed issues that caused Senuti to hang
  • Fixed a bug with artwork not displaying

Version 0.50.2

  • Adds iPod Touch and iPhone support
  • Crash reporter enhancements
  • Fixes many crashes
  • Improves unicode support
  • Improves automatic updating
  • Fixes minor interface bugs

Version 0.50.1

  • Fixed a bug while transferring ratings
  • Leopard compatibility fixes
  • Enhanced AppleScript support
  • Fixed many crashes when starting the application
  • Fixed display of track times
  • Tweaked the new icon

Version 0.50

  • Simplify code base
  • Fix AppleScript issues
  • Better integration with iTunes
  • Better support for copying playlists
  • Integrate new tools
    • Automatic updates
    • Crash reporter
  • First run dialog
  • Localize

Version 0.32

  • Fixed universal binary compatibility issues.

Version 0.31

  • Fixed issues with iPods that had smart apostrophes in the name.

Version 0.30

  • Compiled as a Universal Binary.
  • Senuti now uses libgpod from the gtkpod project.

Version 0.29

  • Fixed bugs with searching for and sorting songs.

Version 0.28

  • Apple changed the iTunesDB slightly with iTunes 4.9. This is a quick fix using the old 0.27 source code. I'm working on fixing the minor bugs reported in 0.27, but this one was major enough to deserve some attention.

Version 0.27

  • Suppressed a few build warnings related to changes in Tiger.

Version 0.26

  • Fixed a bug keeping songs from being added to iTunes after copying.

Version 0.25

  • Minor interface fix. Thank you to Raffael Cavallaro for pointing it out.
  • Since it's been less than 12 hours since the release of 0.24, the changes in that version were:
    • A few new icons.
    • Fixed a major bug preventing copying in unique situations.
    • Fixed a major bug dealing with adding songs to iTunes.
    • Fixed minor bugs dealing with issues such as playback of songs and protected artwork.
    • Credited David Oberst within the application for patchwork.
    • Switched to 10.3 bindings and dropped 10.2 support.
    • More internal changes than you would ever believe.

Version 0.24

  • A few new icons.
  • Fixed a major bug preventing copying in unique situations.
  • Fixed a major bug dealing with adding songs to iTunes.
  • Fixed minor bugs dealing with issues such as playback of songs and protected artwork.
  • Credited David Oberst within the application for patchwork.
  • Switched to 10.3 bindings and dropped 10.2 support.
  • More internal changes than you would ever believe.

Version 0.23

  • Fixed a bug with importing into iTunes.
  • Changed the way the iPod database is parsed.
  • Some of the information that was approximate before is exact now.
  • Senuti now extracts artwork from AAC files (MP3 support to come later).
  • Playlists sort properly in the source list.
  • Adding songs to iTunes takes place after copying songs now.
  • Full help book added.

Version 0.22

  • New interface and application icon.
  • Drag and drop support for adding songs to any playlist in iTunes.
  • Senuti now recognizes if a playlist on an iPod is a smart playlist.
  • Tweaked version checking slightly.
  • You can now select a song by typing in the beginning of the title of the song.
  • The volume preference (now in the window) now works correctly.
  • Many internal changes.
  • New about box.

Version 0.21

  • Improved copying by creating a copy list (like the iTunes convert list) and by allowing a default copy location to be set.
  • Improved iTunes integration by giving more playlist options (read from iTunes).
  • Linked the help menu item to the new FAQ page.
  • Fixed a bug with code contributed by David Oberst.

Version 0.20

  • The way that songs are being saved has been changed, so that a queue of songs can now be created. What this means is that you can select some songs to copy, then go back and select more to copy, and they'll get copied when the first ones are finished.
  • Fixed a bug causing songs with /'s in the artist or album name not to get copied with either of those preferences enabled.
  • Fixed a bug causing songs not to become grey when the application started up if they were in iTunes (they do after a second or two now). Not much has changed since the last version externally, but internal changes should make for some nice changes in future releases.

Version 0.19

  • Added an option to hide the songs that are already in iTunes.
  • The last sort used is now remembered.
  • Fixed sorting and searching to be a little more like other applications.
  • Fixed a bug where track numbers were imported to iTunes wrong.

Version 0.18

  • Added the ability to add music to iTunes while copying.
  • Added an application volume preference.
  • Completely rewrote the code that reads the iTunesDB. It is now done recursively, in a more intelligent manner, and uses more information from the file. It is slightly faster.
  • Removed the restriction that Senuti would not would not automatically load the iPod's contents if iTunes was running.

Version 0.17

  • Started some iTunes integration stuff!
  • Songs already in iTunes should appear grayed in Senuti.
  • Version checking now shows what's new in the current version.
  • Threaded the version checking, so when my site is down, there won't be lag at startup.
  • Threaded copying of songs, so the application is still responsive when copying songs, and so the playing of a song continues while copying.

Version 0.16

  • Playing of songs is much better supported.
  • Added some preferences.
  • Users can now choose which columns to view (and there is more information available, too).

Version 0.15

  • You can now play songs on your iPod directly from Senuti.
  • If iTunes is open and a song is playing, it will be paused. A preference will come later.
  • When a song finishes, the next song will not play right away. I hope to get that working eventually.
  • Senuti also now reads ratings from your iPod (the stars).

Version 0.13

  • Added the ability to search playlists.
  • Fixed some sorting issues.
  • Added ellipsis for Panther users when information is too long in any of the columns.
  • Should have fixed issues copying songs with "/"'s in them.

Version 0.14

  • Added preferences (on by default) to copy songs into artist and album folders.
  • Fixed a bug causing file extensions to be created incorrectly.

Version 0.12

  • Added playlist support.
  • Fixed the way information is read so foreign characters are read properly.
  • Fixed a large memory leak.
  • Fixed some sorting code and made some sorts faster.

Version 0.11

  • Added the ability for the application to recognize when an iPod is plugged into the computer.
  • Added an auto-check for a more recent version at startup (only if you have an active internet connection).
  • Duplicate songs no longer skip, they choose similar names (preference coming later).
  • Added a toolbar and a few more little things for usability.

Version 0.10

Initial release

  • Limitations include the necessity for an iPod to be connected at launch time.

I am releasing this version in hopes that I will get feedback on whether the application decodes the iTunesDB file on different iPods properly.