Our expert team is highly skilled in crafting software solutions to solve everyday workflow problems, showcase products or services, and build engaging customer experiences. We work within a tried and true system of efficient, test-driven, agile development that we feel produces superior software.


  1. From idea to strategy

    We believe collaboration and creativity are essential ingredients in any successful software project. Beginning with our first meeting, we sit down with you to truly understand your business needs. From there, we get into our creative flow and iteratively iron out a strategy for achieving your business goals through software. Think of this phase as a lot of light bulb moments, whiteboard scratching, and collaborative discussion.

  2. Design first

    Once we have a clear strategy for building the ideal software solution, it's time to talk about look and feel. Our team is meticulous about crafting the best possible experience for your customers. We do this before we write a single line of code to ensure that we've thought of everything. In this phase of the project, we build storyboards of your application to review and discuss. We don't stop until we get it right.

  3. Architecture

    At this point we have a clear picture of what the application should do and how it should look. But there's one more critical step, and that's architecting the software. Our developers will put their heads together and build a blueprint that will allow them to turn the concept into reality. Here we focus on performance, stability, and clarity. We don't just write code, we write elegant code that can easily be built upon in the future, and that elevates your application to the highest level of speed and accuracy.

  4. Implementation

    In the implementation phase we get to get our hands dirty and turn your blueprint into reality. We develop software using our own agile process that involves test-driven development and an iterative 2-4 week development cycle. This not only allows us to write better software, but gives us the ability to show you progress and receive regular feedback.

  5. Testing

    Also known as “bug-squashing,” in the testing phase we get real users involved in order to ensure we've ironed out the kinks. This phase is crucial as it can make or break the success of an application launch. That's why we take precautions along the way to ensure that we have minimized or eliminated flaws. But we're perfectionists, so in testing we will really nit-pick and refine until everything is running smoothly.

  6. Launch day!

    There's a lot that goes into releasing a new software application. We know, we do it ourselves all the time. So we are here to help steer you towards a successful launch by helping you to think through any preparation steps that may need to happen first. If your application will be sold in the App Store, we help guide you through that review process, actively working to get your application approved and available for sale.

  7. Maintenance and beyond…

    Software is never really done. There are always new features, fixes and enhancements that are needed. Not to mention, hardware changes rapidly these days, and it can take work to keep your software up to date. We're here to help on an ongoing basis to ensure that your application is always providing the best possible experience for your customers.


We have intimate knowledge and experience with the lifecycle of a software application including:

  • Concept & strategy
  • Solution architecture
  • Legacy systems
  • APIs and web services
  • User experience & user interaction design
  • Test-driven, agile development
  • Beta testing and user testing
  • Implementation or go live
  • Release prep guidance
  • Post-release maintenance (up-keep)

We are skilled in the following technologies:

  • Cocoa & Objective-C
  • C, C++, C#
  • Java
  • HTML5/CSS/Javascript
  • Python, Django
  • Ruby, Ruby on Rails
  • Apache server
  • And more…

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