We are a small, privately owned software development company located in Chicago, Illinois.

FadingRed was founded in 2009 by two passionate techies who left their uninspiring jobs to found a company with a strange name. Their goal was simple: to create a company where people love what they do and have fun everyday.


We work hard each day to create the very best products for our customers and clients that we can. If you have a great idea for an app, we'd love to sit down and talk with you about it. Please visit our services page for more details on what we can do for you!

Our Philosophy

At FadingRed, our time is dedicated to creating easy to use, everyday software that adds convenience and productivity to people's lives. We believe in simplicity so we don't design software with every conceivable feature. We think software should do everything it needs to do, and do it well — for most (but not all) people. A sincere emphasis is put on the user experience, and that is how we approach our design. It is our goal for users to find our software intuitive, helpful, and improving with every release.

Our Team

  • Brittany Tarvin Brittany Tarvin
    Co-founder & CEO BlogTwitter

    Brittany is the Co-founder and CEO at FadingRed. She is responsible for overseeing all business development, marketing, and management for the team, in addition to her occasional dabbling as a software developer. With a background in technology consulting and custom software integration, she was quickly drawn to the elegance of the Mac and iOS platforms, where she has honed her technical skills. She regularly participates in speaking engagements, and is an organizer for SecondConf, as well as a mentor at the Mobile Makers Academy. Brittany is passionate about outreach initiatives encouraging diversity in technology, and is the chapter leader for Girl Develop It Chicago. Originally from Cincinnati, Brittany enjoys eating chocolate, cooking (especially with chocolate), and creating paintings to fill vacant walls.

  • Whitney Young Whitney Young
    Co-founder & CTO BlogTwitter

    Whitney is the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at FadingRed. With over 8 years of experience developing for Apple platforms, he oversees all application development for the team. As a recognized expert in Cocoa and Objective-C, Whitney often speaks at iOS and Mac developer conferences. Prior to founding FadingRed, Whitney did a short stint working on software in the options trading industry. Originally from Baltimore, Whitney enjoys reading and writing about technology and is currently exploring photography, guitar, and cooking. A kid at heart, he loves to bake just so he can eat the batter. At the office, he's known as The Computer Whisperer.